About Us

Inner peace and happiness is my ambition in life and it is expressed in my artwork. 3 generations of our family have come together with motivation, creativity and positivity to bring you a unique variety of art pieces that will bring happiness to an array of generations. We have decided to share with you, our creative ideas so you have an opportunity to enjoy our passion in your space.

A friend once shared a quote that read:
Whatever your work is, keep doing it!
Through your doubt,
Through your not-enough,
Keep putting it out there,
Your purpose, your art,
Will land in the hearts it’s meant to
You won’t be for everyone,
But you are for someone,
And to that someone,
What you have to give matters,
And that changes everything.

So the inspiration behind our company is to share our positive and happy spirit to enhance the lives of others around us, near or far. We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we have creating them.